Friday, May 10, 2013

Native Plants of California

California native plants are spectacularly colorful. I loved shooting some flowers two years ago at a wild flower show ( The last year's show somehow missed my radar. Therefore, I marked my calendar two months before the show this year and made it a point to attend.

My wife and I reached the venue at 3:30 PM to learn that the show ended at 4 PM. Though the show wasn't that crowded, I had to navigate through some slow moving visitors in order to get good composition for my pictures. The light wasn't uniform all over the hall. I lost some time setting the right exposure for each picture too. It was indeed an adventure to shoot many flowers along with their nomenclature. I got the names of most of the plants, but for one blue colored wild flower.

Wind Poppy

Cliff Maids


 A wild flower (what's the name of this flower?)

 Common Fiddleneck


Glassy Onion

Grand Hound's Tongue

Mosquito Bills

Narrow Leaved Onion


Crofton Weed

Scouler's Catchfly

Venus Thistle

 Verity's Dudleya

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